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You’ve found a place that’s dedicated to transforming your life – whether its by connecting you to a supportive counsellor, inspiring life coach or helpful trainer. We’re also dedicated to seeing counsellors, coaches and trainers thrive, call us to hire our space for a session, workshop or course.

We’re Connected

We connect you to talented people who love what they do. Find just the right counsellor, coach or course – all at a very affordable rate.

Caring and Confidential

Our counsellors and coaches are deeply committed to confidentiality. Sessions take place in a private room in a centre used for a range of services.

and have space for you!

Want to hire space? Contact us so we can book you in our session rooms, training rooms or large hall in Wynberg – we look forward to partnering with you.

Hello. I am Merrick Holtak

Trained Counsellor and Project Manager

I started Life Transformation Centre with a passion to connect great counsellors with clients who would find strength and support from counselling – it then grew from there! I’m a trained counsellor and project manager dedicated to making sure every client and practitioner at the centre is well looked after. I look forward to meeting you there!

At the Life transformation Centre you will find

Caring Counsellors

Self Esteem Coaching

Transition Coaching

Men's Groups

Career Counselling

Marriage Counselling

Trauma Counselling

Teen Counselling

Job Readiness Courses

English Courses

Coaching Courses


Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Discover a transformed life today!

Counselling seems like such a simple solution, but thousands of people are walking testimonies to its power to change us.


Counselling helped me through a tough time at home and bullying at school. It was my safe place to think, breathe and be heard. I learned about wise choices too.

Jade (not her real name) - Scholar

I went for counselling after I was hijacked - counselling was the only thing that helped my flashbacks and sleepless nights.

Gerald Manomano Writer

Counselling brings change

I can't believe the difference counselling made to my life. Old issues were finally sorted after many years.

Resty Hope Hair stylist

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Do you offer a type of therapy or training that helps bring new life? We are thinking anything from dance to career coaching, job training or a project serving the community.  If you would like to train, coach or volunteer, give us a call today

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