What we do at Life Transformation Centre

Connect with us to meet up with a counsellor or coach. Or book a room or training area (for 20 or 120 people). It is all part of transforming lives and changing our communities.


Book here for  1 hour counselling or coaching sessions, as well as other classes and training.

Counselling – R350 per hour session/a donation based on what you earn

Coaching – R350 per session

Group Sessions – From as low as R40 per person for one hour (Minimum of 10 persons)

Zumba – R80 per session

Self Defence Course – TBC

We offer you:
– expert counsellors, coaches and trainers
– ideal location (safe parking, very short walk from taxi and train)
– security (security guard, alarms, cameras)

Contact us to make a booking 

Counsellors, Coaches, Trainers

Rooms available for therapy, workshops training and anything that brings life transformation.

Counselling/Coaching Room: R100 per hour

Training Room: 20 – 25 people, Contact us for cost

Large Training Room/Hall: 120 people (carpeted), Contact us for cost


We offer you:
– ideal location (suburban setting with safe parking, yet close to Main Road, taxi and train)
– security (security guard, alarms, cameras)
– a well-known community hub (shared with a popular Job Readiness NPO and church)

Contact us to make a booking 

Life Transformation Centre offers


Our one-on-one counselling offers a non-judgemental, safe place for clients to explore their story and heal them selves. We walk with clients and journey through often painful experiences, tough choices and challenging situations.

The Life Transformation Centre offers counselling in all sorts of situations from grief to trauma, youth, transition and relationship therapy.



Coaching takes you on a journey of self discovery and growth.  In a coaching session your coach will ask questions, encourage you and challenge you to take practical steps to reach your goals. You are the expert on your own life, but the coach is the expert on forming the conversation that helps you discover the life you were born to live. Ask anyone who has had coaching, its a truly life transforming experience!


The Life Transformation Centre currently offers training in Life Coaching (by the Academy of Life Coaching) and would like to offer this space for other trainers to connect with students and clients. Contact Merrick if you would like to train in our rooms from 5 to 20 or 120 people.



Group sessions are a highly effective (and cost effective!) way of boosting self esteem, connecting with others and discovering your personal voice and story. Knowing that others have experienced similar struggles goes far to bring healing and perspective.

Merrick is currently running a Men’s Group every Monday at 7pm. Its a safe, confidential place for men to express, share experiences and grow.


We are passionate about transforming lives, families and communities by helping people find rewarding and dignified work. We believe that work can be a joy and that everyone has God-given gifts that find their perfect expression in work.

Sessions offer CV and  career coaching, job search,  interview and self esteem skills to our clients. We skill clients with the skills to find and keep worthwhile work.



Empowerment, confidence, protection – all great results of self defence classes. We believe that self defence classes can transform a women’s life by helping her to escape violent crime and rape. We partner with Miss Universe’s Unbreakable Campaign to offer the women in our community self defence classes. Join in to discover greater confidence and freedom in a nation plagued with violent crime against women.


Dance – an expressive activity that refreshes mind, body and spirit. Our energetic Zumba instructor, Sofire is a huge part of what makes Zumba classes at LTC truly transformative, as he brings his own story of transformation and new life to his truly memorable classes. Be there!